At two over two design our philosophy comes from our staff consisting of an equal number of professional graphic artists and software engineers.

Theories suggest that artist are right-brained and focus on aesthetics, feeling, and creativity while engineers are left-brained and focus on logical thinking, analysis and accuracy. Most companies have a distinct preference for one of these styles of thinking. However, our design philosophy is "whole-brained" blending both modes.
We take the logical left half of the brain (1/2), add the creative right half of the brain (1/2) and get two over two (2/2) or one (1).


Combining Left and Right Characteristics for a Whole Brained Approach


Perhaps you have already painfully found out the hard way how a "half-brained" solution can be worse than none at all. We think you will agree that a design solution blending both modes of thinking is the best approach.
two over two design's philosophy combines creativity and logic to produce outstanding and unique design solutions that fulfill our customers' requirements and desires.